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ON CALL Massage

Why leave the comfort of your home? As long as you have enough room for a Massage table you wont have too! Maybe you are planning a last minute gift for someone special but its less than a 24 hour notice? On Call Massage is a continent Service that offers all types of custom services to fit any need. Extremely flexible with a Therapist you can trust!

  • $8.50 per 22 miles= Flat Travel Rate. Distances that are under 22 miles will not be charged the Flat Travel Rate

  • $100 per HOUR= 911 Service is a Less than a 24 hours notice +Flat Travel Rate
  • $75 per HOUR= Pay on Arrival for Scheduled appointments +Flat Travel Rate (Nonrefundable $10 of cost is required up front during scheduling when distance exceeds over 22 miles specifically for any cancellations that are less than 12 hours) 24 hour Cancellation get you $5 OFF.
  • $60 per HOUR= PayToday Service for ANYTIME SERVICE +Flat Travel Rate




*COMING SOON* Event Massage

Wedding? Girls/Guys Night In? Family Reunion? Office Party? Sports Event? No Problem! Schedule a Event Massage to really loosen things up a bit. These packages are based on the number of different bodies because of the sheet changes. Each different body requires a FULL disinfected table with new covering. Chair Massage Events just require Full disinfected chairs with optional disposable covering. How cool would it be to have a 12 hour ON SITE Massage Therapist(s)?

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Go M.I.A in a amazing unique setting that is like no other! Shop around for LOCAL art & Check Out our line of MUST HAVE Products! Need a place to express? Lets Talk about it! sections of walls and mini spaces available upon approval & interview! Positive Energy, Harmony & Peace will have you telling people your M.I.A!


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